Day 1 in workshop week

Today we got the space at NyDans in Nydalen, Oslo.  It is a very large dance hall that the royal ballet used as a rehearsal space before the new opera house was built. Today we used the time to transport all our equipment to the space and tryout what we call “Session nr.1”. We diveded the notes on the marimba into three main areas one for each color (R,G,B). We used pd to analyse the sound from the marimba, and in that way connect the lights to the tones on the marimba. The highest notes had the color red, the center got green and the bass had blue. 

It was soon clear that we need to connect  the computer to our arduino through an ethernet cable because the WiFi had too much delay. We will continue working on our sound analysis method tomorrow and fixing a ethernet cable and use external external audio card with microphones connected closer to the instrument. Pd did have some trouble with the analysis because of external sounds which we hope to get rid of with microphones and external audio card.